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Zhejiang Langyi Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company with ten years of experience in hose development, production and sales. Sales have increased by 30% per year and have now exceeded 100 million yuan.

The company invests 30% of its annual profits for product research and development and technical improvement, and has passed ISO9001, TS16949 quality management system certification; has more than 50 sets of product testing equipment, and implements 24-hour monitoring of products according to European and American standards, and is underwritten by China Taiping Insurance. Product warranty for ten years.

The products are sold to more than 10 countries in Europe and America, and have long-term strategic cooperation with world companies such as Wal-Mart and GATES.

The company plans to have independent brands in more than 10 countries within 5 years, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan and continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Company products: high elastic low temperature series (-40 ° C), wind gun tube, pneumatic tool tube, oxygen acetylene tube, low temperature water pipe, professional oil resistant pipe, gas pipe, shower pipe, high pressure cleaner pipe, pesticide pipe, chemical pipe , high pressure tubing, etc.

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